Becksöndergaard is an internationally oriented Danish tongue-in-cheek accessories brand. With an emphasis on great detailing, they design fun, feminine and unexpected items to create an empowered and independent style. 'Rebellious Love' shapes Becksöndergaard’s world as they believe their rock'n'roll approach to design makes room for fashion never to be followed blindly, but to turn into the true style of their life. 

Becksöndergaard was established by Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard. They met during their studies in Copenhagen and encouraged by a strong friendship and an equally strong passion for entrepreneurship, they decided already as students to create a company together one day. 5 years later, in 2003, they realized their dream. Lis and Anna quit their jobs and started Becksöndergaard in a small basement in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen.

From the beginning, the goal was to create an accessory brand for women. They wanted to create designs with a colorful, playful identity and a personal look that will last season after season and can be bought at affordable prices. 'A One Stop Candy Shop' that creates happiness and gives you inspiration.

Becksöndergaard’s design approach is rooted in the Scandinavia design tradition but does not limit itself to the minimalistic expression of Nordic design. Lis and Anna love colors, contrasts and to tell stories through unique prints that are in the heart of all their collections. Prints are often hand drawn or made by hand as paper collages. Moreover, they love playing with photos taken on their inspirational trips and convert them into photo prints on scarves and fabric bags.

Their design DNA and approach to everything they do, is best described as 'Rebellious Love'. The designs are personal, unpretentious and often with a playful touch. Becksöndergaard wants to be an accessible brand that makes you feel welcome - while putting an honor in designing each product with love. Lis and Anna work seriously to offer designs that surprise, make you happy and can be the cherry on the top when you wear them.

As the collection name 'Global Flirt' indicates, this season invites you in to a rebellious Universe flirting with traditional British checks and colorful houses in Notting Hill influenced by the powerful Afrique tribal where turbans are part of the uniform. Global flirt is inviting all parties to join and reinforce in a united community consisting of love but also with vibes of the punky & rebellious streets of London, color blocking, animal prints, oversized flowers and African graphics. By joining this collection, you will create a mix and match of the old and modern society with traditional and classic styles in a new and interpreted way which will make you flirt globally and fall in love.